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Outlaws and Lakes Area Dodgers Partner


Most baseball families in Oakland County are aware of elite and travel baseball. From our Little League teams to our ranked A, AA & AAA baseball clubs, the Outlaws Baseball and Lakes Area Dodgers are synonymous with elite baseball offering options from the beginner to the all-around elite athlete. We are proud to announce that the Outlaws and the Lakes Area Dodgers have created a partnership that will allow Oakland County athletes from 8u-18u a place that fits their skill set. This partnership gives players choices to play where they are comfortable while providing players who aspire to play at the collegiate level and beyond. Outlaws will build players up across the organization so they can play at an elite level with the Dodgers or even within our Outlaws organization. 


Steve Campbell, President of Outlaws Baseball, said, “this offers up a great opportunity for our players and families to take it to the next level with Lakes Area Dodgers. I’m finally happy to partner with John Hodgins and his Lakes Area Dodgers. We have had a plan in the works for a few years, and now we have something in place.”


John Hodgins, Coach & President of the Lakes Area Dodgers, echoed Steve’s comments. “With so much competition out there,” John said, “we wanted to partner with an organization that will benefit both sides and gives our players and us the best opportunity to turn their dreams into a reality. Outlaws gives us players who have learned the game and excel so we can take them to the next level in front of some of the best college baseball programs in the country.”


Now as a baseball fan, be it a player, parent, or, as many of us, a passionate fan, Oakland County brings more opportunities to be a part of two top-notch programs, from playing it to watching. The Outlaws and Dodgers organizations are working year-round with some of the best baseball trainers with Great Lakes Sports Federation and also at Sluggers Central and indoor training to help our athletes refine and perfect their craft.


Outlaws Baseball: Founded in 2008 by Steve Campbell, the Outlaws have allowed many passionate kids to hone their craft and make it on varsity teams. Through the help of the Waterford Schools, Recreation Division, and the surrounding communities, Outlaws have put together several championship teams and continue to build the organization up each year.


Lakes Area Dodgers: Founded in 1992 by John Hodgins, Lakes Area Dodgers has been a staple for elite athletes to play at the collegiate level. With over 700 players who have had the opportunity to play at the college level, the Dodgers pride themselves on education and baseball fundamentals. Some have even made it further, with five former players ending up in the MLB and one as an MLB umpire.

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